First off – thank you to the folks from LPNH who went to all the effort to organize not only the convention and debate, but the LPNH Presidential Preference Primary as well. That was a lot to take on, and it’s a credit to their planning that it went as smoothly as it did.

On top of all that, they also sponsored a “Meet and Greet” with the candidates the night before the convention. That was a wonderful chance to get to know some of the LPNH members while answering questions (and learning a bit about how to answer questions as well!) I also enjoyed getting to meet a few of the other candidates as well.

The debate itself was well-run. We had ten POTUS candidates, with both some old familiar faces and some new ones on stage. Dan Fishman was the moderator and did a fantastic job. He kept the debate flowing, and the questions – while really on-target – were different enough from standard fare that we all had to think on our feet a little bit.

There’s a livestream of the morning convention available on Facebook which includes the debate. The debate starts around the 2:08:00 mark, and runs until the end of the recording (about 3:48:00) – so it’s a little over 90 minutes all told. I’ll be working on snagging a couple of “Sam only” clips from it at some point – keep your eyes on FB on Twitter for them if you’re not interested in watching the whole debate.

My friend Jon Bennett from JCRB Photography came up from Boston for the debate, and managed to capture some really excellent pictures. You can find a sample of them in his public Facebook album for the Libertarian Party of NH Presidential Debate.

Finally, there’s the results of the 2020 LPNH Presidential Preference Primary! Unsurprisingly, given his support in NH, Vermin Supreme topped the charts. I managed to come in at #7 (or #6 if you discount “None of the Above”). Given the field and my focus on reaching people through social media, I’m quite happy with those results.

All in all – an excellent time with wonderful people! It’s truly great to be able to meet with and talk to people who appreciate liberty, and are working to Make America Free Again.