First things first. Back home after a very wonderful weekend, only to find myself in a Facebook poll from the Libertarian Leadership Academy going head-to-head with Adam Kokesh! Click on the link and vote Sam Robb!

With that out of the way… the debate in Olean (and the Libertarian Summit the next day) were fantastic. Meeting the other candidates was a real pleasure. We have some amazing people working together to get the Libertarian message out, and it was an honor to be included on stage with them.

It took 56 minutes for someone to mention that Jeffery Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself. That honor went to Dan Behrman. Both Dan and I meant to say it in our opening statements, but completely forgot. He remembered before I did, obviously!

The passion and energy from all the candidates was great. I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing them all again at some point, and to meeting some of the other candidates that weren’t able to make it to Olean.