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February 17, 2020

What Liberty Looks Like

On the way back from California, Shari & I got to sit next to an amazing guy. Zach’s from Jordan. He trained as an agricultural engineer, then came to the US because he wanted a better life. To work, get married, own a house. When he arrived, he struggled with English, but managed to find a job. Since then, he’s …

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February 10, 2020

Iowa Caucus Results!

The LP Iowa Presidential Caucus results are in! Ignore McAfee, write-ins and NOTA, and I’m in the top 8… just behind Vermin Supreme. Jacob Hornberger – 47.52% Lincoln Chafee – 12.77% Jo Jorgensen – 6.38% Adam Kokesh – 6.03% Daniel Behrman – 4.96% John McAfee- 3.55% Vermin Supreme – 3.19% Other (Write In) – 2.84% NOTA – 2.84% Sam Robb …

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February 5, 2020

Sam on “Adam vs. The Man”

Adam Kokesh interviewed me after the LP Georgia debate for a quick installment of “Adam vs. The Man”. We talked about family, ambitious goals, and made a couple of geeky references – all while talking about reducing government power and increasing liberty. Check it out!

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