Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is made up of many thousands of Americans from all walks of life.

If you believe in free markets, civil liberties, and peace; if you believe that individual rights are more important than government power… then the Libertarian Party is the right place for you.

Sustaining Membership

The Libertarian Party is funded entirely by its dues-paying membership; we do not take special interest money or government funds. By joining the Libertarian Party as a sustaining member, you are investing in the effort to give liberty a voice.

Sustaining members receive a customized membership card and a one-year subscription to LP News, the Libertarian Party’s newspaper.

Free Membership

Free members are indistinguishable from sustaining members, except that there are some limits on whether or not they can hold certain offices within the organization.

If you register for a free membership in the Libertarian Party, you will receive an information packet, a free issue of LP News, and details about sustaining membership in the Party.

Request Information

Would you like to know more about the Libertarian Party before you make a decision? You can request an information packet by mail. Or you can read the Libertarian Party’s Frequently Asked Questions online.