I have described myself as “Closed Borders, Open Doors”.

This is our country. As a nation, we get to decide who we wish to invite to join us here. Out of self-interest, that invitation should be clear and broad. Our doors should be open to as many people as we can comfortably handle.

To that end, we need a simplified immigration policy. Coming here to work and live should not be the legal ordeal that it is today. We want to encourage immigrants to enter the US legally. To do that, we must to make the process simple, quick and inexpensive.

Illegal immigrants of otherwise good character are already in the US. In these cases, I am in favor of providing individual amnesty. We absolutely should be welcome willing to contribute to our society. I pledge to work with Congress to develop a simple, quick path to legal residency for those who meet these criteria.

We must be able to exert positive control over our borders. This is essential to protecting citizens and residents of our nation. Violent or criminal persons should be denied entry into our country. When we discover such individuals are already here, we must deal with them in accordance with our laws.

Geography, climate and culture provide barriers to entry at some points of our border. Where those do not exist, we should consider physical means of entry control.