Health care is a muddled mess these days, for a number of reasons.

One of the big ones is that the government has decided that “health insurance” is the same as “health care”, and that if you don’t have the best insurance plan ever, then you’re … not getting health care. Oh, and that you should pay a fine for not having the insurance they think you should have.

You should be able to tailor your health insurance to meet your needs. Those “one size fits all” plans stink. Health insurance naturally falls into different tiers. Preventative or routine care is not emergency care. Emergency care is not the same as catastrophic care. End-of-life care is, again, different. Planning and paying for routine care should not be the same process as going through chemotherapy!

We need to get the government out of health care. Allow insurance companies to offer plans that their customers want and need. Allow hospitals and practices to offer prepaid plans for routine care. Allow freedom of choice and competition between providers.

Allow the free market to start driving the price of healthcare down instead of continuing to allow the government to force it up.