Clean air, water and land are essential. Pollution and misuse of resources cause damage to our ecosystem. When we damage our environment, we do harm to others. Therefore, environmental oversight and protection is a governmental responsibility.

Economic prosperity is one of the key drivers to increased environmental well-being. Leveraging free markets, not government mandates, is the key to protecting our environment.

The EPA must continue in its role providing environmental oversight. I will direct a review to simplify existing regulations. This will give companies clear guidelines to follow, and incentives for compliance.

Environmental regulations must focus on outcomes, not implementation methods or details. Not all situations are the same, and what works as a solution for one industry may hamper another. This will drive the development of innovative, new ways to protect our environment.

The climate is changing, and as a species, our activity affects those changes. Advances in technologies and process innovations minimize our impact on the environment. When we work to operate more efficiently as a society and as individuals, we not only protect our environment, we work to curtail climate change.

Ultimately, though, the key to a better environment is not technologies or processes. Advocacy and social pressure are the most effective means of changing public behavior, both in the US and abroad.