The Department of Education has turned out to be an experiment without any real results to show.  The major educational achievement of recent decades (Common Core) was a state-led initiative.

States receive about 10% of their education funding through the DoEd.  Compliance regulation ends up reducing this significantly. Nearly half of the administrative burden on state and local education systems is for managing federal compliance.

Every child is different. Every community is different. We need to push education reform down to the local level.  Even down to the individual level, with teachers, parents, and students working together. We must make education fit the needs of the child, not the requirements of the system.

I propose shifting all federal education money to direct block grants to the states.  Local educators know best where increased spending will benefit their most needy students. No-strings-attached block grants will also significantly reduce the money and time that school districts spend on justifying the funding they have already received.

A simplified grant structure will allow state systems to focus on education.  It will remove incentives to “teach to the test”. Teachers will again be able to focus on how their students learn instead of how they test.

Those companies that make up our economy benefit the most from exemplary education.  I will call upon businesses leaders to contribute to, and assist in, the education of our youth. Lasting, impactful change comes from public oversight coupled with private innovation.

I will work with Congress to get the federal government out of the education loan business. The intent of those loans was noble.  The actual effect has been to drive the cost of a college education ever upward.