Iā€™m going to be starting off very basic here. Equal opportunity and equal rights issues are significant enough that they deserve their own discussion at a later date.

Civil Liberties are those inalienable rights that we all have because we are people. These include the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Freedom of speech. The right to keep and bear arms. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

Our founders did not intend the enumeration of these basic liberties as a challenge to be worked around.Each of these liberties represents a threshold. We should only cross such a threshold with great deliberation, and an understanding of the consequences.

As President, I will institute a review of federal agencies to determine how their regulations are impacting civil liberties. Those rules and regulations that encroach upon civil liberties will be rewritten or eliminated.

I will institute a review of administrative drug designations. There are Schedule-I drugs that are currently in use therapeutically. Sick people should not have to fear federal criminal charges because of the medicines they are taking.

I oppose asset forfeiture laws that take property upon accusation or suspicion of a crime. This is an issue both at the national and state level. For that reason, I will work with the governors of the various states to enact asset forfeiture legislative reform.

I will call on legislatures at every level ā€“ federal, state, and local ā€“ to restore the rights of all citizens who have served their time for non-violent offenses. I will direct the ATF to provide the funding and support required to handle petitions to restore second amendment rights for non-violent offenders.

Unwarranted searches, including domestic spying, must stop. Such searches are a fundamental violation of our liberties. Additionally, even the NSA has admitted that such surveillance operations have been fruitless.