I’ve said it elsewhere, but in case you missed it: I am solidly Pro-Life.

Still… even then, it’s a proper mess, isn’t it? There are many people involved: mother, father, child.  All with different, sometimes competing interests. No matter what your answer is, someone will always come up with an exception. Often, that’s even something that you look at and think, “Man, I would hate to be in that situation.”

Those exceptional cases are far from where we are at the moment, though.

Arguing about whether after-birth abortion should even be considered? Allowing viable individuals – babies, children – to be killed in the womb?

That’s not even close to where we want to be as a country. That’s not only my personal opinion, either. The vast majority of Americans disapprove of third trimester abortions.  Nearly as many agree that second trimester abortions are wrong. Pretty much everyone agrees that these are children. Not embryos, not clumps of cells.  So why are we condoning taking their lives?

Even more importantly, though… being pro-life doesn’t end at birth. There are children in this country who are in need. They are in need of a home, in need of a family, in need of parents to guide and guard them. State foster care systems are struggling to meet those needs for many reasons.  Ultimately, giving these children a home is something that only individuals can do.

What we can do together, as a nation, is work together to make supporting children in need simpler. Helping those in need is what civilized people do. Encouraging people to help – instead of requiring them – is what free people do.

Our foster care systems are desperately in need of an overhaul. I will call on state governors to work together to review and revise the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children. We need an active agreement, not a passive contract on bureaucratic standards. We must put forth effort and work to protect children at all stages of life. This includes matching them with those who are willing to make them a part of their family.

To me, “Pro-Life” means we cannot fail those who are most dependent on us, whether they are in the womb or in the foster care system.