December 16, 2019

“Ask Me Anything!”

The AMA on Reddit went well this weekend, I thought. Plenty of questions from across the spectrum. I’m still working on answering some of the ones that wandered in later, and I’m sure there will be additional comments as time goes on. I really appreciated the format. The written Q&A actually lets you take some time, compose your thoughts, and …

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December 9, 2019

Ask Me Anything

Do you have some questions for me? Want more details on where I stand regarding a particular issue that’s important to you? Wonder why some guy from southwestern PA decided to run for POTUS? Curious as to why The Clarks are my favorite Pittsburgh band?

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December 7, 2019

Music & Musings

‪Iowa Caucus Guy reached out to me to ask what kind of music I liked, and also offered me the chance to say a few words about my Presidential campaign as well.

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November 11, 2019

Olean Debate Report

First things first. Back home after a very wonderful weekend, only to find myself in a Facebook poll from the Libertarian Leadership Academy going head-to-head with Adam Kokesh! Click on the link and vote Sam Robb! With that out of the way… the debate in Olean (and the Libertarian Summit the next day) were fantastic. Meeting the other candidates was …

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November 9, 2019


I posted this earlier today on my Facebook campaign page. A few hours later, and it’s been deleted. Facebook… would you care to comment about why you are interfering with my campaign messaging?

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