Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

Grew up around Pittsburgh, then went on to study engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Graduated from CMU with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science thanks to an ROTC scholarship. Went into the Navy, spent four years in SoCal, then came back to Pittsburgh to start a career working as a software developer for startups.

Along the way, I met a wonderful lady named Shari and – for reasons that I still do not fully understand – she said “Yes” when I asked her to marry me. We have since adopted three wonderful kids, a mess of cats and a couple of dogs. I’m a Sunday school teacher at, and a member of Harvest Baptist Church.

By nature and inclination, I’m a libertarian of the same bent as our founding father. As I’ve said before, I agree with probably 95% of the Libertarian Party platform without any quibbles. Keep in mind, if you can find another libertarian that agrees with you completely, you’re probably looking in a mirror… and even then, you’ll probably find something to argue about.