What’s Happened

I thought the trip to California was great. Then I thought the trip to Missouri was fantastic.

This past weekend? Iowa managed to raise the bar again!
What an amazing convention! It was a fantastic experience, from start to finish. The debate was energetic and really helped display the differences among the candidates.

If you missed it live, you can catch the recording on the LPIA Facebook page.

I also did a television interview with Waynesburg University, and a radio interview with Alejandro Rios from La Q Buena 106.9 FM in Des Moines. Links for those will go up on the web site and Facebook page once they’re available.

What’s Happening

This week is going to be INTENSE. I leave tomorrow for Chicago, where I will be hanging out with the LP Chicago folks on Tuesday night.  I’ll spend the night, then Wednesday I will be participating in the Free and Equal Open Presidential Debate with a bunch of other Libertarian candidates. Don’t miss it!

After that I will return home to Pittsburgh… just in time to pack up and head out to Philadelphia for the LP Pennsylvania 2020 State Convention this weekend. I am tremendously excited about meeting up with all my fellow Keystone State Libertarians, as well as folks from New Jersey and Delaware who will be attending.

Media attention is starting to pick up as well. I’ve been invited to appear on a couple of Libertarian podcasts, and will be talking to a local newspaper about my campaign as well. Stay tuned!

Active Polls

The March poll from the Torch of Liberty is live! This poll is open to everyone, regardless of political affiliation – so please share with your friends and family! Check out all the candidates, then cast your vote for the best Libertarian of them all

Hint: it’s Sam Robb 😉

The  5th Congressional District Libertarian Party of Virginia is doing a March Madness poll… first round pits me against former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee. Cast your vote and help me move on to their next round.

If you’re wondering if your participation in these polls makes a difference… it absolutely does.

I came in 3rd (behind Jacob Hornberger and Dan Behrman) in the February Torch of Liberty Poll. I’m very interested in seeing the breakdown of the voting demographics there once they complete their write up.

one-time poll from Cecil Ince (vice-chair of the LPMO) with twice as many respondents has me in fourth place (behind Hornberger, Supreme, and Behrman).

So please – vote, and share these polls with others! Your ARE making a difference!

If you’re aware of any other candidate polls, let us know at info@samrobb2020.com!

Social Media

3L Productions has been doing an amazing job producing video for various LP debates this election season. Here you can check out their recording of my pitch speech from the 2020 LP California Convention.

Check out their YouTube channel, listen to what all the LP candidates had to say in CA… and let the folks at 3L know you appreciate the work they’ve been doing! A good review helps them out, and a donation is always welcome.

While you’re at it, take a look at our presence elsewhere in the social media sphere… and then share the bits you like with your friends to let them know about the campaign!

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