I had an acquaintance ask me how the campaign was going, and when I told her about my schedule for the next two months, she said “Wow! How come I’ve never heard of all this?”

Good question, Sri. Good question.

Here’s a thing: in this time, in this place, social media has a tremendous possibility to act as a disruptor in the coming election. We can get the word out, but it’s not going to be because of one person’s efforts. It’s going to be because all of you reading this make it happen.

Because every time you share, you are reaching out into an audience that the candidates can’t. We don’t know your friends, your family, your gaming group, your knitting circle, your photography buddies… but you do.

And they know you… and they will listen to you.

So I don’t care which candidate is “yours”. If you’re on social media – Facebook, MeWe, Twitter, Gab, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, blogs, whatever – do us all a favor and share with people.

Comments. Memes. Articles. Videos. Tidbits.

Get it out there.

So if we want whoever the Libertarian candidate is to have a real chance to shake things up this election, we’re going to have to find our voices out there.

If we want liberty to win this election, we’re going to have to be willing to make. Some. NOISE!

Let’s make it happen!