On the way back from California, Shari & I got to sit next to an amazing guy.

Zach, Shari & Sam

Zach’s from Jordan. He trained as an agricultural engineer, then came to the US because he wanted a better life. To work, get married, own a house. When he arrived, he struggled with English, but managed to find a job. Since then, he’s built a business in California selling Dickies clothing. Now he owns three different stores.

He was on his way to Pittsburgh to check out the city and see about relocating. California taxes, minimum wage laws and regulations are driving him away. We talked about how government leads to corruption, and politicians only want money and power. He said he doesn’t usually vote – both parties are bad. “Why don’t you have another party?”

That’s when I got to tell him I was running for President, and we started talking about the Libertarian Party 🙂

We also talked about Pittsburgh – the city, the neighborhoods, where he might look at locating at store. About how friendly the people are, what the taxes are like here, where the good school districts are, and the cost of living. The idea that you could buy a decent 4-bedroom house for less than $200k was a surprise. When we told him we lived on a farm, he was thrilled at the idea that he might be able to find a place near the city where he could raise his own livestock and keep ostriches!

Before we got off the plane, I handed him my copy of “Liberty Defined” by Ron Paul and told him, “Read this. You’ll like it. There might be one or two things you may not agree with, but I think you’ll like everything else in there.”

We’re going to meet up later this week. I’ll take some time and show him around Pittsburgh and introduce him to some folks that can answer some of his questions.

I love my city, and I want to see it grow and prosper. I’d love to see someone like Zach, with his drive and determination, move here to build his business. I’d like to meet his family (his wife’s from NY – and already a Steelers fan!) come here and start a new phase in their life. Because my family, my city, and our community would all be better off having someone like him living here.

I WANT people like Zach in my city, my state, my country. He wants to succeed. He wants to be free. He wants to live his life and make things better for those around him – his family, his friends, his employees, his customers.

THIS is why I want immigration reform. I want to make it possible for every Zach out there in the world who wants to succeed to come HERE and do that. I want every man, woman and child who has a passion for freedom to think, “Those Americans, they know how that works. I should go be one of them.”

Not just because it’s the compassionate thing to do – though it is. Not just because it’s the civilized thing to do – because it’s that, too.

No, I want people like Zach here because I’m selfish. I want MY country to be the best in the world… and the more people like Zach we have here, the better we ALL will be.