First off – a big thank you to the LP Georgia folks for putting this together. I know that I’ve only been to a handful of conventions and debates so far, but the Georgia folks put on a fantastic event.

It kicked off with a wonderful keynote address from Catherine Bernard that really set the tone for the convention. Several really excellent educational sessions followed. I had to leave a bit early to prep for the debate, so I missed the session on “Communicating Liberty” – but my wife attended, and was texting me constantly from the session, with notes like “You need to do this!” and “They made a really good point about…”

Before the debate, I managed to squeeze in a quick interview with The Rebellion podcast. Keep an eye for that coming up sometime in the next week or so. They did interviews with pretty much everybody, so if you’re interested in finding out what a candidate thinks about foreign policy, freeing us from government, or the second amendment – check out their Georgia convention coverage.

The debate itself went well. There were nine of us on stage, which meant we didn’t have a lot of time to answer questions – a minute at most. The debate was really well organized, though, and things went quickly and smoothly. There was no livestream, unfortunately. The debate was recorded, though, and (hopefully) that will be available as soon as sound editing can be done to make sure everyone can be heard clearly.

Left to right: Sam Robb, Kenneth Blevins, Adam Kokesh, Jo Jorgensen, Vermin Supreme, Dan Berhrman, Lincoln Chafee, Mark Whitney, Erik Gerhardt

My favorite question was when we were asked, “If you don’t get the nomination, who would you vote for?” I think pretty much every one of us said, essentially, “For whoever gets the nomination.”

We may have our differences, but in a lot of ways, we’re on the same page. We all want less government; we all want more freedom. We all have a common direction in mind; the questions we debated were instead how can we make things happen, or how quickly we can make them happen.

All in all, an excellent weekend. We have a few weeks of R&R before we head out to California and dive into the convention/debate season. Keep checking here and on social media for news, video clips, and upcoming events!