The Torch of Liberty December poll results are out, and the results show how volatile things are, this early in the run up to the national convention.

While Kim Ruff and Dan Berhman continue as strong contenders, Jacob Hornberger came in strong in the poll this month as well. That’s based on Libertarian voters, though – which, while important, isn’t the whole story.

It looks like I’m continuing to poll strongly with Republican and conservative voters across the board, and particularly well with Libertarian voters in PA, OK and NM.

To quote the ToL analysis…

Robb has consistently polled the highest among Republican respondents to the poll. With their support included, Robb beat Hornberger by over 3%. However, Libertarian voters are still receptive to his campaign (often polling fourth in key states such as Iowa, and third in New York), however, outside of Pennsylvania, the majority of his support comes from the southwest. Robb won New Mexico and Oklahoma, but hasn’t reached a plurality of Libertarian voters in Iowa, where he is polling at 8%; New York, where he is polling at 13% (behind Behrman’s 27% and Ruff’s 20%); and Texas, where he is polling at 5%.

Iowa, New York and Texas. Iowa is important for a number of reasons, of course. I’m pursuing primary ballot access in New York, and even if that doesn’t come top fruition, I am hoping to help get my name out among potential Libertarian voters and delegates up there.

As for Texas… well, Hornberger is from Texas; which will no doubt make picking up some attention there an issue. This month is going to see an increase in campaign activity across the board, though. Let’s see what we can do in January to make some waves and get some attention!