The AMA on Reddit went well this weekend, I thought. Plenty of questions from across the spectrum. I’m still working on answering some of the ones that wandered in later, and I’m sure there will be additional comments as time goes on.

I really appreciated the format. The written Q&A actually lets you take some time, compose your thoughts, and put everything together in a coherent package. Plus, you can do it sitting by the fire and drinking coffee with a cat on your lap. Just sayin’.

As for the people – amazing. There was a troll or two, but other than that, everyone was…. what’s that word I’m looking for? Right! Civil. Everybody was civil! Polite, respectful, willing to listen to my answers. There were several comments from people who didn’t agree with me and – get this! – they didn’t tell me I was a communist Nazi bootlicker!

Civility. Man. Now that was a curve ball!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to ask questions, wait for my responses, and engage in the conversation. Special thanks to Pariahdog119 and the rest of the mods for helping to make this a wonderful experience.

A+++, Very Satisfied, Would AMA Again.