The Torch of Liberty LP Presidential Primary poll for December is up! They’ve switched from Google forms to SurveyPlanet, so more people can participate.

The poll is open to ALL comers. Even if you are registered Democrat, Republican or independent, ToL would like to hear what you think about the Libertarian candidates.

Since the ToL poll is gaining traction as we head into the thick of the debate season, here’s what I’m asking you to do…

  1. Follow the link and vote!
  2. Share the link on social media!
  3. Encourage ALL your friends to vote!

While I’m absolutely hoping you would vote for me… by all means, check out the other candidates and vote for whoever you think best represents you.

Meanwhile, you might be wondering, “Hey, didn’t the Torch of Liberty do a poll in November as well? What was up with that?”

They did indeed! Even better, they’ve crunched the numbers and released the results.

The total number of participants was nearly double that from the initial October poll. Even better, despite the larger number of participants, we still put some great numbers up on the board.

With a sample size of 475 from all 50 US states, Kim Ruff takes the lead nationally in the 2020 Libertarian Presidential Primary, ahead of Dan ‘Taxation is Theft’ Behrman by 1%.

… in the poll, Kim Ruff won 12 (+6) states, the same as Behrman. Adam Kokesh came in second, in terms of states won, with 3 (+6) and Sam Robb in third with 3 (+0) states.

So I came in 3rd for number of states won, and 6th overall with 7% of the vote. That put me just behind perennial candidate and performance artist Vermin Love Supreme (9%) and media personality Adam Kokesh (11%) in terms of raw percentages.

Not bad, but that leaves a lot of ground to make up. I’m still well behind both Kim and Dan. Let’s see how the next few debates go. That should help determine if I can gain some traction within the Libertarian Party. If I can do that and continue to attract attention from voters outside the party, maybe we can shift the tide in the next few ToL polls!