Exciting news today!

I am now registered to appear on the California Presidential Primary ballot as a Libertarian candidate! This includes the opportunity to publish a 250-word candidate statement that will appear as part of the Election Voter Information Guide portion of the California Secretary of State’s web site.

It’s not just in California, either. I will also be appearing on the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire’s 2020 Presidential Preference Primary ballot as well!

While I’m still putting together plans for 2020, I absolutely intend on being there for the 2020 LPNH Annual Convention. I’ll be on stage again with other candidates for the first Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Debate of 2020.

These are exciting times! While you’re at it, check out my latest interview on Facebook – “Liberty Talks” Episode 4, with the Voice of Liberty. Share and spread the word on social media. Let your friends and family know that they don’t need to hold their nose when they vote in 2020 – because there’s a decent candidate out there who wants to make a real difference!