“You only truly believe that which moves you to action.”

– Douglas Cheny

Some phrases contain truth that stand the test of time.

We all know that person. Someone who’s always complaining about how they hate something about their life. Maybe they smoke. Maybe they’re eating too much crappy food. Maybe they hate their dead-end job, where they’re living, who they’re dating.

… and you know that the next time you see them, nothing will have changed.

There’s always an excuse. Too much trouble. Too hard. Nobody else I can rely on. It’s just not worth it. There’s so much else going on. Maybe I’ll get around to it next month, when things are better.

What they’re saying doesn’t match up with what they’re doing. When push comes to shove, they’re unwilling to take action. In the end, they look around, and – like KC Green’s dog – they say, “This is fine.”

Sometimes, that person stares back at us from the mirror.

Be honest.

Do you like where our country is headed?

Probably not. People are unhappy with they way things are in this country. They look around, and think that things should be different. Better. They want things to change. We want things to change.

So Democrat leadership is sidling up to outright socialism. Hope and change!

So Republicans leadership is flirting with authoritarianism. Change and hope!

So Libertarians are…


What are we – the Libertarian party membership – what are we doing?

Are we coming together to present a vision of a country where freedom is a way of life, not just an idea?

Are we talking about how we can work together to show people that individual liberty is worth fighting for?

Are we discussing what we need to do to reverse the explosive growth of governmental authority that has happened in our lifetimes?

When it comes right down to it… are we willing to do what it takes to change our country?

Or are we going to shrug and make excuses?

You know. It’s uncomfortable to talk politics with our friends on the fence. Too much effort to get out and canvas for a candidate. The candidate the LP is running isn’t 100% in line with what I think anyways, so screw ’em. Besides, it’s not worth it – we’re going to loose anyways.

Maybe next year, when things are better.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Right now – in this time, in this place – we have a chance to make real change happen. American are desperately unhappy with the direction politics as usual have taken us.

This year, let’s take our beliefs and put them into action.

Let’s work together to show the country there is a party of principle that stands for them, not party politics.

Let’s show people what the Libertarian Party stands for: Freedom. Liberty. Peace. Prosperity.

This year, let’s make a change together.